CANCELLED - KVVE Massemen Tournament - Belgium

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Tournament Wednesday 23 September.

The Club have been invited to this tournament after our successful trip last year. It is a 5-a-side tournament without goalkeepers. However the Covid-19 crisis means that players need to give consideration to the following before signing up.

Due to liability issues for tour organisers, the club will nominate trains and a hotel and then ask players to book their own train ticket and accommodation.

The trip will be an overnight stay on Tuesday and Wednesday nights staying in Ghent. We will travel to Ghent by Eurostar on the ‘Any Belgian Station’ ticket.

The cost of the trip will be expensive. Currently a return to Belgium is about £114 on Eurostar with hotels offering late cancellation at about £120 per night without breakfast. Players will need money for food, drink and taxis to Massemen. We will look at a possible team meal on Tuesday evening.

The Covid-19 situation in Belgium is similar to England. Contact sports and tournaments are allowed in Belgium.

Facemasks will need to worn on public transport and in taxis including Eurostar. There is a maximum group size of 10 in restaurants and bars. You will be expected provide your details to the UK track and trace system on line before you travel.

This information is based on the national understanding in early July and could change before September.

At this stage we are looking for you to indicate your interest having read the above information.

The number will be capped initially at 14 to allow for two teams


Wetteren, Belgium


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