Training Returns But Numbers Limited

10 Jun by Trevor Ridley

Finally it can be announced that training will return but in a very limited format as the Club complies with FA Guidelines and Government regulations.

The first sessions will be on Wednesday 17th June – 10:30 to 11:30 and 12:00 to 13:00 at Chingford Rugby Club.

The cost per session is £3. The Club is not taking cash payments. Please either keep a record and pay when we can take cash again or pay via Online Banking. The Club bank details are in the Document area.

Members who wish to take part should sign up to the sessions listed in the Events section – please only sign up to one session per day. Your inclusion will be on a first come, first serve basis but if you miss out one week you will have priority the following week.

Below are the full Rules and Restrictions the Club will be imposing in the first instance however these will be kept under constant review especially with respect to venue and number of groups per session.

The Rules and Restrictions and the FA Guidelines are attached as documents and in the Document area of the App/website.
Walking Football – Rules and Restrictions


- A sessions will be limited in the first instance to a total of twelve members – 10 players + two coaches.
- There will be two sessions – 10:30 to 11:30 AND 12:00 to 13:00 on a Wednesday morning.
- ALL sessions will be split into groups of six.
- Each group of six MUST be separate from all other groups at ALL times.
- Each group will have ONE coach (five players + a coach).
- Each coach will be responsible for running their own session from a provided script.
- The coach will be responsible for ensuring all equipment (ball, cones etc) is cleaned BEFORE and AFTER each session.
- The coach may decide to STOP a session to clean equipment, if they think it is necessary.
- The coach has the RIGHT to ask anyone consistently breaking social distancing to LEAVE the session.

Do NOT attend training if:

- You are symptomatic.
- You are living in a household with a possible Covid-19 infection.
- You are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds.

If you do attend training

- You MUST be comfortable with and accept the inherent additional risk that is associated with attending these session in the current climate
- Do NOT share transport with someone NOT from your household.
- Do NOT arrive more than ten minutes before your session starts.
- DO maintain two metres social distancing at ALL times.
- DO leave the training venue within fifteen minutes of the end of your session.
- There is NO access to toilets at the venue.
- DO come dressed ready for your session as there are NO changing rooms and NO showers.
- DO bring a towel and hand sanitiser for your personal use.
- DO bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.
- DO sanitise/wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER the training session and wash hands when you get home
- Goalkeepers – MUST wear gloves AND sanitise gloves BEFORE and AFTER training.
- Players CAN wear a mask and/or gloves if they so wish.
- Do NOT touch equipment (football, cones etc) with your hands unless you’re a goalkeeper or the coach.
- DO pay any fees using online banking. If this is not possible, keep a record and pay cash when eventually possible.

First Aid

- Each group will have its own First Aid equipment.
- The First Aid equipment has been brought up to Covid-19 first responder standard
- First Aiders will not be expected to give mouth to mouth but only chest compressions if required.
- First Aiders must have access to a mobile phone


Chingford Rugby Club, Lea Valley Playing Fields 291 Waltham Way, Chingford, London E4 8AQ

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