Keeping Connected - Week Eleven

2 Jun by Trevor Ridley

Well the handbrake is off and the foot is slowly pressing down on the accelerator moving us towards the ‘new normal’ for walking football. Yesterday the FA issued it’s new ‘GUIDANCE ON PERMITTED GRASSROOTS FOOTBALL ACTIVITY DURING COVID-19’. For full details please visit the FA website: The Club will now be putting together a plan for the return to walking football training taking into account all the restrictions and social distancing requirements detailed in the guidance. More information will be shared in a special News article as the details and training times become clearer.

At last Friday’s Zoom session there was a tentative discussion about undertaking some 1-hour training sessions following the Government’s guidance at that time. Now that the FA guidance has been updated there will be another discussion at the Zoom session this coming Friday. If you would like to be part of the discussion please sign up to this week’s Zoom meet-up in the Events section.

Speaking of the Zoom meet-up, there were fourteen in attendance last Friday including a first visit by Alan Cox. Good to see you Coxie!

The fun News of the Week must be Tony Weston’s ‘Pass It On’ video which he put together from clips sent in by twenty-five of our members plus a guest appearance by Stanley. So far the video, which is on YouTube, has been viewed 342 times. If you haven’t seen the video yet then go to:

Also published on YouTube is Mick Mullins excellent interception and assist which led to Pat Green scoring against Southend back in 2016. To relive the moment go to:

There are a couple of birthdays to mention this week: Chris Nicholas and Steve Eades – Many Happy Returns to both of you and hope you are both keeping well.

There has been some interesting news coming out of the Essex Walking Football League (EWFL):
- Terry Buck has been appointed Chairman
- The League are still waiting on guidance from HM Government and the FA with regard to restarting walking football
- there is a proposal to continue the league competitions through to the end of February
For full details go to:

On a less serious note, on Sunday Tony Brooks bumped into Tony Wahlhaus and his good wife Nicky, in Epping Forest. Brooksie was whizzing along on his bike when he recognised the back of Tony’s head. This was of course completely understandable as Tony B is invariably told to ‘Get back Brooksie’ so the back of Tony Wahlhaus’ head is his usual view of his skipper. Happy to report that all are well.

I’ve also heard from Keith Everett who is well, keeping fit but bored. Keith has managed to get himself a job at the Upminster golf course at the pitch and putt, collecting the money and handing out the golf clubs. He will start when they re-open.

With respect to how well people are doing I haven’t heard of any of our members having tested positive for Covid-19 although Mick and Mary Mullins did have to self isolate back in March. However, I have heard from Stevie Dunn about his experience. Having been suffering from anosmia (loss of smell) for the last couple of months Stevie decided to self-isolate and booked a drive through test at Pickett’s Lock for himself and his wife. Fortunately the results came back negative. Stevie has offered to answer any questions anyone has about his experience. Either ask here or send a private Chat question to him.

There was more Good News for all us converts to Pilates as Ruth Tongue had recovered from her tonsillitis and put on an excellent session last Thursday. Ruth is continuing to run her sessions every Thursday so if you want to take part pop over to the Events section for all the details.

This week is also the #JE3Mile Challenge in memory of Justin Edinburgh. For more details about how to join in go to:

Now it may surprise Leyton Orient fans but it would appear that an Orient chant featured at number 7 in the top seven all time great football chants in the 2011 book “Who Are Ya? Football’s Best Ever Chants” by author Gershon Portnoi who described it so:-

‘7. Leyton Orient fans have taken to diminutive but rather small winger Dean Cox in a big way since his arrival at Brisbane Road. The 5ft 4 midfielder is nicknamed ‘Tiny’ and the O’s fans sing this song to the fittingly traditional East End tune of ‘Knees up Mother Brown’: “We’ve got Tiny Cox / We’ve got Tiny Cox / We’ve got Tiny / We’ve got Tiny / We’ve got Tiny Cox”’

Given that we are now living through the cusp of change I thought the following very appropriate:

‘I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward.’ – Nelson Mandela

And for all you old moaners out there remember:

‘You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.’ – George Bernard Shaw

Take care and be safe.
Trevor Ridley
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