Keeping Connected - Week Ten

26 May by Trevor Ridley

This week is another Good News week with Gary and Shelley Latner celebrating becoming grandparents for the second time. Their grandson, Jacob Asher George Latner was born on Saturday 23rd May and weighed in at the mighty weight of 9lbs 9oz. I’m pleased to say all are doing well and Congratulations from everyone here at the Club.

While on lockdown it would appear that a number of our members have found a hidden actistic talent. Following on from Fid and Terry Sommers we now have Bob Adams who is doing some amazing stuff with pencil and paper. This weeks image was done by Bob’s fair hand.

On Sunday, while out walking down by the lake in Highams Park, I bumped into Esh and his daughter Suzie. We had a chat and Esh is well but his condition is obviously worsening. I passed on our best wishes to him and his family which Suzie seemed to appreciate.

This is also a momentous week in the Cheston household as it is our esteemed Chairman’s birthday. Len has now hit the magic figure that allows him to play for the Over 65s. Welcome to the team Len and Many Happy Returns – you’ll now have to put up with the over 65s skipper! Also celebrating his birthday this week is Paul Wahlhaus – Happy Birthday Paul.

Len has been busy on behalf of the Club and let me know that he has completed and paid for the FA Affiliation for the 2020/2021 season with London FA. Five male teams have been entered into the FA system: one at over 50s, two at over 60s and two at over 65s. This was the position at the time the Essex League closed down. Affiliation to the FA requires a team to be entered in a League, at present this requirement does not apply to the Women’s team.

With respect to the Essex Walking Football League (EWFL) they have moved and revamped their website which can now be found at: If you pop into the the following section you will spot some familiar faces:

The Zoom session on Friday morning continues to attract a good number of attendees and is always open for more to join in. This week Steve Tongue gave a very interesting insight into how the fourth tier of English football is hoping to restructure with a salary cap so clubs can better weather the corona virus storm.

The Guidance for Grassroots Football has still not changed so there is no break in the walking football drought.

Tony Weston’s ‘Fun Pass It On’ video now has over twenty participants from both our male and female players and I know he would still like more so if you want to take part please get your video to Tony by tomorrow evening. If you want to know more then pop along to the Chat area of the App and look in the ‘Fun Video Participation’ Chat for full details.

I heard last night (Monday 25th May) that Ruth has now recovered from her bout of tonsillitis and will therefore be running her Pilates session this Thursday so please pop in to the Events section for all the details.

This week I came across the following quote which I thought was particularly appropriate:

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.” – Graucho Marx

But finally one for all our chefs:

“I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.” – W.C. Fields

Take care and be safe.
Trevor Ridley
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